IExitWith summer vacations just around the corner I thought I would share some great apps for traveling.  If you will be traveling on any interstate highways you must use “IEXIT”.  This app has all the exits and what you will find at each one, such as restaurants, gas stations and hotels.  It also has where the rest areas are located so you don’t whiz by them and wish you had known sooner. If you allow it to connect with your GPS it will tell you how many miles you are from each exit. You can also plug in favorites so it can tell you, for example, where all the Starbucks are in your given area.  You can even search before you leave by just putting in the state and highway. The hotel listings link to their websites and there is a “call” button so you never have to leave the app.  We have used this app quite a bit on our trips to Florida and Texas. It is great!  This is a free app, click here for more info.

If you thiWazenk you may encounter a traffic jam or you are suddenly stuck in one “WAZE” will identify where it is, how long it is and the length of time you may wait.  One of our guests told us about this and said it can also direct you to an alternate route.  I just started using this app, so I am considered a “baby wazer”.    This is a free app click here for more info.

We hope these apps help you on your future getaways. There is lots going on in the Vernon/Warwick Valley this summer so we hope to see you.  We will be going to Europe in the fall so if you know of any other good travel apps please share.

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